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SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here! See all of the latest user-driven features and enhancements available now.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Jan 05, 2022

Utilizing CAD data to create professional-level renderings is what SOLIDWORKS Visualize is known for. Using Visualize can accelerate your sales and marketing initiatives by providing high-quality outputs from designs yet to be manufactured. Companies that want to get more out of their assets leverage SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 to create their marketing materials. 

The SOLIDWORKS Weldments tool can be used to create 3D structures using components with multiple profiles with a variety of end-conditions, within a single multi-body Part File. Since any closed profile can be used, this tool is not limited to welded metal applications. Weldments can be used for anything from machine frames and railings to picnic tables and garden sheds.

The GoEngineer technical blog hosts a wide range of tutorials, tips, and tricks to help our customers overcome design challenges and answer questions on the spot. Here are some of the most visited tutorials in 2021. 

3D Printing Dec 30, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we like to look back and highlight some of the top 3D printing news articles and videos we've shared over the last year. 

STEM Education Dec 29, 2021

FIRST Robotics and STEM education helps shape and inspire the next generation of designers and manufacturers. At our GoEngineer training lab in Auburn Hills, MI, students from Lake Orion learned how to build a model phone cradle using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, that would then be 3D printed on a Stratasys Fortus 450 FDM 3D printer.

CAMWorks Dec 28, 2021

The Tekstoft.exe is responsible for hosting the floating license for CAMWorks, and if the port is blocked, you’ll be unable to obtain a license from your host server. The executable is important to allow through versus the port as the Teksoft.exe will use a range of ports. 

A common error when installing or modifying an existing installation of SOLIDWORKS is the source folder is not versioned properly.If you are installing from a set of installation files copied from a DVD or flash drive or that were downloaded from the or GoEngineer websites, this error means exactly what it says: the swdata99.id file is missing. 

Have you ever had a dialog box not appear on your screen, causing SOLIDWORKS to become unresponsive? This can happen for a variety of reasons, including an external monitor being disconnected or even a malfunction in Windows.



SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 introduced an updated interface and new column configurations the end-user will see. In previous versions, administrators were only able to add additional columns to the default SOLIDWORKS PDM columns. Now all the columns can be configured and modified. 


SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here! See all of the latest user-driven features and enhancements available now.